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Our history

We are seekers of Beauty and we love to create and offer only items that convey the charm and grace that envelops every Woman.

We create women's shoes, to give shape to their dreams.

Our goal is to bring out the uniqueness and personality of those who wear our shoes, so that the one who has true Fashion on her feet feels like a Queen at every step.

Study, passion and research are the basis of every product that is born first among our ideas, then in our hands.


Our shoes are made entirely with excellent quality leather to obtain excellent products.

Building handmade shoes: how do you do it? How Pixy does it!

Everything that is done with love is done with care, attention and precision.

There is a precise procedure for obtaining top-level results: less than the best Pixy does not create!

The development and creation of our footwear can be summarized in 3 steps:

Analysis & Creativity

The study of trends and the current market lead to the creation of drawings and drafts, which follow the chosen style on which the shoes will be cut.

Cutting & Hemming

Delicate phase that requires maximum accuracy: in this juncture the actual shoe takes shape: the leather is cut, and the upper and lining are sewn.

Final phase

All the pieces are assembled, and the shoe finally comes to life! Finally, the accessories are applied and the leather is cleaned and polished.

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